Our history

Prior to opening the barber shop we were in the electronic cigarette industry. A product that we sold and still believe can help millions of people quit smoking. With that being said we have been under attack for many years by the media, big tobacco,big pharma and special interest groups. With the industry under so much attack with little to no financial backing we could see the writing on the wall. We knew that at some point we could possibly be forced to close our doors due to government over reach.  A little over a year ago my wife and I decided to open up a second business right next door and that became This old barber shop. Little did we know it would be very difficult to find barbers to fill the chairs. Coming up against that obstacle I decided to go to barber school myself . I brought on a partner to manage and run the vape shop while I went to school. Its taken a little over a year to get here but we got here and thats all that matters at this point. We will continue to provide good products and services in both businesses for as long as we can as a matter of fact we are sending our partner to barber school too!  We are building today  for a better future for our families tomorrow.