This Old Barber Shop, Walk-ins always welcome for a classic cut in a classic atmosphere.


We built this establishment with the desire to bring you the best service in an atmosphere that speaks tradition, community and family.


Tradition because we want to carry on the tonsorial art that is barbering. A tradition that has gone on for many years in men's grooming service. A barber in an environment that suits you. We wanted to give you a place that feels like yesteryear. A place a father can bring his boys into on a Saturday or Sunday morning or any given day of the week.

Community  and family because we want to serve those around us, those who were once clients became friends and ultimately family. In a world that is so disconnected we feel it is imperative we bring back the local barber shop where people can come and discuss life and the world around us. More so than just sports and politics. Now more than ever we have to be able to speak openly and with out judgement. We are all different can come from different backgrounds. We are men from many walks of life and we all have something that can help another man grow into the man he is going to become.


We don't consider ourselves legends because we cut hair. We consider ourselves servants to making you look the best that you can look on a weekly basis. We know that on any given day you can go to the nearest barber shop and get a good hair cut. We want to give you more that a cut we want to give you a place to call your home barber shop.

This old barber shop is Located just off of Cave Creek Rd north of Sweet water blvd. 13061 N Cave Creek Rd

Phoenix AZ 85022 (602) 828-1164